The family tree of Douglas Jerrold (1803-1857)

(4) Douglas William Jerrold, youngest child of Samuel Jerrold & Mary Anne Reid, was born on the 3rd of January 1803 in Greek Street, Soho, London and christened 23rd September 1807 at St Anne's Soho, London.

See Douglas William Jerrold - biographical details  & Douglas Jerrold, the man

A well known dramatist and wit, a close friend of Charles Dickens and a literary sparring partner of Thackeray , he became a "leading light of the satirical weekly Punch and was an indefatigable campaigner against social and political oppression" (See Review of  Douglas Jerrold by Michael Slater published by Duckworth 2002).  He died 8th June 1857 and was buried in West Norwood Cemetery, London. He married Mary Ann Swann 15th August 1824 at St Giles in the Fields, Bloomsbury, London, and their children were:

(1) Jane Matilda (2) Jerrold 1825-1880. See JaneMatilda(2)Jerrold-Mayhews
(3) Douglas Edmund Jerrold. Christened 18th July 1828.
(4) Barry Jerrold. Died 1830.
(5) Mary Anne Jerrold 1830-1831
(6) Mary Anne (Polly) Jerrold. Born 1831 at Regents Park.Christened 21st Sept.1831. Died March 1910.
(7) Thomas Serle Jerrold 1833-1907. See ThomasSerleJerrold&JaneMatilda(3)Copeland
(8) Bessie Jerrold (1836-1837)

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