SAMUEL JERROLD  (first mention of this spelling)

Samuel Jerrold (eldest son of Samuel Jarrold chr.25/01/1702 see John Jarrold b.1675),  was born on the 2nd December 1743 (but see Samuel Jerrold - biographical notes)  christened 10th January 1744 at St Dionis Backchurch, London, and died 28th January 1820.  He was married three times:

First to (1) Mary Carr on 23rd January 1772 at St Giles Cripplegate. Their children were:

(1) William James Jerrold. Born 28th May 1775 in West Malling, Kent 
(2) Mary Jerrold. Born 26th Oct.1776. Christened 3rd Nov.1776 at St John the Baptist, Croydon.

Then to (2) Elizabeth Simpson around 1776. Elizabeth was born before 1755. Their children were:

(1) Robert Jerrold. (1776 to1818 - but see Samuel Jerrold - biographical notes) Married Mary Isabella Hammond 25th July 1793 at
      Mansfield, Notts. Their son Robert Sanderson Jerrold was christened 23rd June 1798 at Somercotes, Lincoln.
(2) a child born in 1777.
(3) Charles Jerrold. Born around 1780. Died around 1846.

Then to (3) Mary Anne Reid 20th April 1794 at Wirksworth.  Mary was born between 1772-75 and died in Liverpool Dec.1851. Their children were:

(1) Elizabeth Sarah Jerrold. 1790 or 1796 to 1864. See ElizabethSarahJerrold-Copelands
(2) Jane Matilda 1 (Mary) Jerrold. See JaneMatilda(1)Jerrold-Hammonds
(3) Henry Jerrold. Born before 1803.
(4) Douglas William Jerrold was born on the 3rd of January 1803 in Greek Street, Soho, London and christened 23rd September 1807 at St Anne's Soho, London.  See -  Douglas Jerrold's family tree
Also Douglas William Jerrold - biographical details  & Douglas Jerrold, the man

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