Jane Matilda (2) Jerrold, eldest daughter of Douglas William Jerrold and Mary Ann Swann was christened on 29th August 1825, died 26th February 1880 and was buried in West Norwood, London. She married Henry Philip Mayhew on 20th April 1844 at Old Church, St Pancras. He was born 25th Nov. 1812 at Westminster, christened 16th February 1813 at St James, Westminster and died 25th July 1887. Their children were:

(1) Ashley Mayhew
(2) Athol Mayhew
(3) Ingles Allen 1879-1943.
(4) Henry A.Allen. Born 1878, 28 Gt Russell St. London.
(5) Amy Mayhew. Born c.1845 at Gloucester Rd, Regent St. London.  Died after 1901.  C.1866, at Richmond, Surrey. She married Philip F.Allen who was born 1843 at Cecil St, Strand, London and died after 1901.
Their children were:

(1) Audrey Mayhew Allen, born 1870. Married Harold Hillyard Hampson 1898 at St Pancras.
One son, Philip Harold.

(2) John Mayhew Allen, born 1873 at 39 Gt Russell St.London. Married Lily Graham Bannister.
One daughter, Catherine.

(3) Mary Jerrold Allen Actress, born 4th December 1877, 28 Gt Russell St. London. Died 3rd March 1955, London. She married Herbert Harben who died in 1941. Their children were:

(1) Philip Harben, born 1906. Died 27th April 1970 in London.
(2) Joan Harben, actress, born 22 Feb.1909. Died 19 October 1953 in London. Married Clive Morton who was born 16th March 1904 and died 24th Sept. 1975 in London.