William Blanchard Jerrold, second child and eldest son of Douglas William Jerrold (1803-1857) and Mary Ann Swann (See Douglas Jerrold) was christened 22nd Dec.1826 at Little Queen St. Bloomsbury, London. Died 10th March 1884. Buried in West Norwood cemetery, London. He was married twice:

First to (1) Ellen with whom he had a son:
(1) William Douglas Jerrold. Born 12th April 1846. Christened 5th June 1870 at Friern, Barnet. Married Mary Anne Brundle 1870 at Islington. She was born in 1848, christened 13th Aug. 1848 at Bromeswell,  Suffolk and died 1876 at Holborn. Their children were:
(1) Hubert Douglas William Jerrold  bornWoodbridge 1871, christened 17/3/1872 Suffolk County Bts. died 1872 at Holborn.
(2) Annie Eliza Polly Jerrold born 1876 Holborn, died 1939, Ipswich. Married Walter Gray born 1875 Woodbridge, died 1923 at Ipswich. They had 11 children. See 1-MaryAnneBrundleDescendants

Later to (2) Lavinia Lillie Blanchard, 25th June 1847 in Kensington. She was born in Southwark 1825 and died c.1899 in Fulham. Their children were:

(1) Alice Lillie Jerrold. Born 1848 London. Died 1882. Married Adolphe Smith 1872 at Marylebone. They had a daughter, Rose Smith, who married a Mr. Wenham.

(2) Evelyn Douglas Blanchard Jerrold. Born 8th March 1851 at St Pancras, London. Died 17th May 1885 in Islington. In 1872 he married Florence Lucy Yapp at St Pancras. Their children were:

(1) Laurence Jerrold. 1873-1918. See 3-LaurenceJerrold&GermaineLePrinceRinguet
(2) Allan Laman Jerrold. Born 25th November 1874,  at St Georges, Hanover Sq. London.
(3) Gilbert Jerrold. Born 1876? at St Georges, Hanover Sq. London.
(4) Maurice E Jerrold. Born 1880 in France.
(5) Eleanor Rosina Jerrold. Born 1883 at St Georges, Hanover Sq. London.

(3) Arthur Blanchard Jerrold. Born 1852 at Camberwell. May have died as an infant.

(4) Sidney Dominic Jerrold. Born 1858 Bloomsbury. Died after 1901. Married Maud Francis Goodrich 1889 at Kensington. She was born 1860 at Maisemore, Gloucestershire, christened 10th March, 1861 and died after 1901. Their children were:
(1) Elsie Jerrold.
(2) Elizabeth Sidney Jerrold. Born 1891 in Scarbourough. Entered a convent.
(3) Douglas Francis Jerrold. Born 3rd Aug.1893 in Scarborough. Married Eleanor Arnold. Died 8th June 1964.