sculpture:   Snowy's Hat

Snowy (Farr's) HatSnowy's Hat (Snowy Farr - Cambridge)Snowy's HatSnowy's HatSnowy's Hat - Snowy FarrSnowy's Hat

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                Snowy's Hat - 2013                                                               
Snowy Farr (1919 - 2007) and his animals were a familiar sight in Cambridge City Centre for many decades.

Always clad in unusual clothes, often with an antique military appearance, and eccentric hats, and sporting a long white beard, Snowy was a tireless charity worker who entertained the public with his menagerie of extraordinarily tame animals, including mice, cats, dogs and even the occasional goat.

The cats and mice would run around his hat, or play peaceably together in his highly decorated bicycle basket, while he collected donations for Guide Dogs for the Blind. 

A former local authority road sweeper, Snowy lived in the village of Oakington where he decorated his garden with a conspicuous display of flags, dolls and teddy-bears, a collection that was occasionally reduced in scale and exuberance in response to demands from the local Council.

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This sculpture is carved from a coarse grained limestone in which small particles of fossil shells can be seen.  Snowy's Hat weighs 22 lb, measures  12.5" high and has  a circumference of between  7.5" and 8.5". 

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