sculpture: Hi!

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          HI! - 2015                                     
Hi! was made from a weathered lump of Ancaster limestone that was once part of the balustrade for an external staircase at Selwyn College Cambridge.

When several old balusters were being  replaced by new in 2014, I rescued this one, and several others, from the skip.  It must have been lying around in the open for some time, because t
he beginnings of a gnarled face were already visible in the stone by the time I found it.  I did very little to it, only emphasised and enchanced its eyes and its lopsided grin, and left much of the weathered surface alone.  I called it Hi! because it used to sit outside my studio door and, every morning as I entered, I felt it was saying Hi! to me.

Hi! is about 7-8 inches at its highest point.

Ancaster is a coarse grained limestone in which small particles of fossil and shells can often be seen. 

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