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Maeve Brennan

The most striking thing about our aunt Maeve when she used to visit us in Dublin, was her irrepressible sense of humour. Much has been written about the sad aspects of her life and death, but none of this was evident to me as a child.  I found her warm and funny and immensely attractive and entertaining.

She had a lively and mischevious wit and often regaled us with hilarious stories about  people she knew in New York, but to us children and to my mother, her sister, she was unfailingly kind and generous. But then, Maeve was always generous to a fault.  It was a mistake to admire anything she owned because she would then insist on giving it to you, on the grounds that things should belong to the people who would love and care for them.
Maeve's writing:
The Long-winded Lady:  articles from the New Yorker Magazine
The Springs of Affection:  short stories
The Rose Garden:  more short stories
The Visitor: a very short novel

About Maeve and her writing:
2004: Biography of Maeve by Angela Bourke:   Maeve Brennan: Homesick at the New Yorker
2008: 'The Long-Winded Lady' Article by Emily Pecora in Polite Magazine Autumn 2008
1974: Review of Christmas Eve: 13 Stories,  by Helen Rogan in Time Magazine
2017: A Place at the Table by Angela Bourke: Irish Times Article re Maeve & Edith Konecky
2017: A tribute to Maeve Brennan: Edwin Higel champions the short story: Irish Times Article
2017: Delia and Rose and The Long-Winded Lady - Angela Bourke on Maeve Brennan's Women
2017: Elegant Reveries of the long-winded lady in alluring New York - Belinda McKeon
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