Ianthe Jerrold's writings:

Published work by Ianthe (Bridgeman) Jerrold (1898 - 1977)

Four of Ianthe's books are currently In Print with Dean Street Press:

The Studio Crime : The Studio Crime (1929) - "He is dead. It is quite impossible that he should have killed himself. He has been murdered. About half an hour ago. By a long knife passed under the left shoulder-blade into the heart."

Dead Manís Quarry : Dead Manís Quarry (1930) - "the murderer was also riding a bicycle... why, if we can trace it, we shall have the murderer!"

Let Him Lie : Let Him Lie (1940) - "Murder begins with the death of a kitten..."

There May Be Danger : There May Be Danger (1948) - "A World War Two mystery, and a plot that may vitally endanger the security of Great Britain itself"

Dean Street Press mini-Bio about Ianthe Jerrold : Dean Street Press, Ianthe Jerrold

List of Works: Ianthe Jerrold

1913   XVI Poems
1915   The Road of Life - The Little Books of Georgian Verse
1923   Young Richard Mast - a study of temperament
1924   Hangingstone Farm
1925   Uncle Sabine
1927   Midsummer Night
1929   The Studio Crime
1930   Dead Man's Quarry
1933   Summer's Day
1934   Seaside Comedy
1936   The Dogs Do Bark  (London Chapman)
1937 & 1941   Life Begins Early
1938 & 1942   Rainbow in the Morning
The Orchestra of Death (short story)
1945   The Stones Await Us
1947   Love In London
1950   The Coming of Age
1952   Transit of Saturn
1955   Love and the Dark Crystal
1957   The Narrow Bed
1960   My Angel
1966   My Twin and I
A Lovely Lady - short story

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