Owen and Helen Davidge

I am indebted to Diane Lavigne for the following memoir:

Owen and Helen Davidge were highly respected in the community, and the public library was situated in their home. Owen was clever and well-educated and Helen Davidge received a medal of Citizenship from the Canadian Government, for her active community involvment. 

In a Wynndel History Book of  the early Pioneers,this is written of her:  "Wynndel will miss you, but will never forget you.  In Longfellows words....you have made your life sublime, and departing, you left behind your footprints in the sands of time."

All three of their sons became outstanding civil servants, serving at home and abroad during the war.

Their son Terence George Davidge (17/03/1926 to 02/03/1984) a well loved humanatarian, served in the Army, Navy and Air Force. 
He married Rose Anne Williams  in 1951 and they had 3 children. 
(1)  Diane Louse Williams, step-daughter (the writer and an engineman/locomotive Operator with the Canadian National Railway)
married Gerard Eugene Lavigne in 1971, divorced 1990.
Two children: Heather Yvonne (who has two children,Vaughn Christopher and Lexus Louise) and Christopher James joined the Navy then the army, serving in Iraq and  Afganistan.  he has one daughter Brainna Lavigne.
         (2) Vivian Loucille Davidge
         (3)  Owen Arthur Davidge

Terry and Rose separated in 1968 and he died aged 57 of emphezema.

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