The descendants of  Paul Jahan, eldest child of Madeleine Leprince-Ringuet and Gustave Jahan. See
Paul Leprince-Ringuet & Gabrielle Beauvalet

Paul Jahan (04/02/1903 Tours 37 to 21/01/1954 Bois Colombes) Dél. Gén. Mutualité agricole. On 01/03/1930 in Paris VI he married Anne Bordeaux Montrieux (born 15/12/1910. They had eight children:

(1) Pierre Jahan (27/01/1931 Lille 59 to 10/08/1998 Saint Maur des Fossés 94) Compagnie des lampes. On 14/06/1957 he married Odile Louis. Three children:
(1) Catherine married Jean-Francois Blanc, one daughter
            (1) Sandrine married Mohamed Benarba, 2 children, Manon and Marine
(2) Elizabeth
(3) Vincent
(2) Bruno
            (3) Xavier

(2) Brigitte Jahan (20/01/1932 Rodez 12 to 04/03/1933 Paris VI)

(3) Yves Jahan, born 1933 in Asnières 92 and died 4/4/2007 at Colombes 92. Gestion du personnel -société Lever Paris. On 06/02/1965, at Versailles 78, he married Marie-Claire Legrand (11/09/1935 St Sulpice Sur Risle 61 to 23/05/1993 Toulon 83). Four children,
(1) Aude married Remi Pierre Grellier, 3 children Ghislain Pierre, Tristan Yves and Claire
(2) Mathieu married Stephanie Baldassi, 3 children Antoine Yves Roger, Baptiste and Coline
(3) Laure Marie Anne
            (4) Denis Marie Jacques married Sylvie Argullier 3 children, Louis, Paul and Guillaume

(4) Jacques Jahan, born 1934 in Asnières 92.  In 1961 at Taverny he married Marie-Jeanne Simonnot, born 1934 in Paris XVI. Four children:
(1) Sophie married Gonzague de Monteil, 6 children, David, Marie, Claire, Cecile and  Paul
(2) Sabine married Pierre Montaud, 3 children, Juliette, Raphael and Charlotte
(3) Antoinette married Jean-Remy Bouteiller,
                                    4 children, Madeleine, Valerie, Sebastion and Marguerite
(4) Gregorie married Dominique Zannetaci-Stephanopoli, 2 children, Elliot and Timothee

(5) Herve Jahan, born in Asnières 92. Ingénieur informatique. In1962 at Bois Colombes he married Rosine Pappalardo, born in Bougie. Four children:
(1) Anne married Phillippe Pariset, 2 children, Julie and Manon
(2) Paul married Helene Gentil, 2 children, Emil and Victor
(3) Claire married Antoine Day, one son, Enzo Marie Felix
            (4) Loic married Virginie Ameingual, one son, Coline

(6) Daniel Jahan, born in Asnières and died 28/04/2009.  Transporter routier.  In 1961 at Lugny 71, he married Colette Geofroy. Three children,
(1) Cécile married  Eric Perna 2 children Maxime and Chiara
(2) Isabelle married Denis Dussartre 3 children, Mahieu, Mavel anD Maris
(3) Christine married Patrice Surateau 3 children Louisa, Flavie and Osanne Surateau-jahan

(7) Hélène Jahan, born at Bois Colombes, In 1968, at Bois Colombes, she married Jean-Claude Jacqmin, Cadre Bancaire, born Tours 37. Five children:
(1) Augustin
(2) Anne-Brigitte
(3) Jerome married Sabine Venaruzzo
(4) Jean-Baptiste married Marie, 2 children, Octave and Florentine
(5) Etienne

(8) Alain Jahan, born Bois Colombes, Marchand de biens. In 1969, in Freeport (Bahamas) he married Judith Gardner. One son called  Thomas married Julie Berranger, one son, Noor.

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