Thomas Serle Jerrold, youngest son of Douglas William Jerrold (1803-1857) and Mary Ann Swann, was born in London in July 1833 and christened 4th July 1833. He died in 1907.

In 1858 he married his first cousin, Jane Matilda (3) Copeland, daughter of Douglas Jerrold's sister Elizabeth Sarah Jerrold and William Robert Copeland (see 0-ElizabethSarahJerrold-Copelands), who was christened around 26th August 1835 at St Mary's, Lancaster and died in 1909. Their children were:

(1) Percival Copeland Jerrold. Born 24th Jan.1859 at St.Peter's Kent, Isle of Thanet. Died 10th Feb.1933 Oxbow, Saskatchewan.  See 2-PercivalCopelandJerrold&ClaraAnnLewis

(2) Mildred  Elizabeth Copeland Jerrold. Born 15th June 1860 at Bovey Tracey, Devon. Died 31st Jan.1959 Creston BC, Canada. See 2-MildredCopelandJerrold-Youngs

(3) Harold Copeland Jerrold. Born c.1861 at Kingston.
(4) Lucy Francis Copeland Jerrold. Born 1864. Died 1878 at Fulham.
(5) Walter Copeland Jerrold. Born Liverpool 1865. Died 1929. See 2-WalterCopelandJerrold&ClaraBridgeman

(6) Mary (May) Copeland Jerrold. Born 1867 in Liverpool. Christened 21st October 1868. Died in 1936 in Canada. She was married twice. First in 1884 when she married
(1) Adjutant(?) Egerton Arthur Clifford in Amersham. He was born in Camberwell in 1857. They had one daughter, Olive May (Daisy) Clifford who lived in Creston, married Robert Sinclair Smith and had two children:  Reginald and DollyDolly had a daughter, Elizabeth who married a Greek and lives in the Greek Islands.

After Egerton Clifford's death, she emigrated to Fort Qu'appelle Saskatchewan in 1890,  and, in 1892, married
(2) Helmer/Helma Nathorst-Boos,
who was Swedish. They had one daughter
(1)  Helene Louise Mildred (1892-1974) married Owen Henry Davidge (1881-1945) 3 sons:
       (1) Sydney Owen D. (Dag) (1923-1992) m. Dorothy Louise Willis (1922-2009). 2 children:
(1) Robert Owen Charles D. m+div. Jennifer Susan Hill 2 children:
                                    (1) Matthew Owen D. married Robin Fraser. 1 child:
                                                (1) Owen Shubert D.
                                    (2) Andrea Christine D. married Vincent Dumont-McKay.  One child                                                           (1) Adrien
                       (2) Sandra Lee Davidge married Kim Thornton. 3 children:
                                                (1) Kari  (2) Geneva (3) Jessie

Terence George (1926-1984) m. Rose Anne Williams 1951. 3 children:
(1) Diane Louse Williams, step-daughter m. Gerard Eugene Lavigne 2 children. 
               (1) Heather Yvonne who has two children:
                                                            (1) Vaughn Christopher
(2) Lexus Louise
                                                       (2) Christopher James who has one daughter
(1) Brainna Lavigne

         (2) Vivian Loucille Davidge
         (3)  Owen Arthur Davidge

(3) Desmond.  One son.  Later married to Rosina who died in 2010
         (1) Rodney  Sandys  married to Katherine Waugh. Two children:
 (1) Graham Sandys
 (2) Avery Catherine

                                                        (2) Tobi married to Kai Alderson. Two children
                                                                                 (1) son, Dag (adopted)
                                                                                 (2) daughter Desiree

(7) Cyril Copeland Jerrold. Born 1869 in Bracknell.
(8) Dorothy Copeland JerroldBorn 1871 at Hartley, Wintney, Hamps. Died 1967 at Charmouth, Dorset. Married Henry Barber.
(9) George Edwin Copeland Jerrold. Born and died in 1874 at Brentford.
(10) infant
(11) William Robert Copeland Jerrold. Born 1877 at Fulham, Shepherd's Bush. Died 24th March 1949 in Vancouver.